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This page serves as a dummy-page only and is therefore not permanently updated.

For the same reason all the links to pdf-files have been cut.

This page, however, gives you an idea of what was going on in February/March 2005 in the Matura-class of the Gymnasium Oberwil/BL. The class were supposed to work without the teacher permanently being present. They had to get instructions and all the relevant information in the web and in the library.

If you are interested in learning more details of the project or even in studying Greek at our Grammar school, please send an e-mail to the webmaster.



weeks 9 and 10 - What's going on?



repeat the second declension (a-decl)

inquiry in the web: sites about Caesar and Alexander

discussion: Sallmann's text and questions

Thur (all)

grammar (discussion):
the perfect of K/P/T-verbs

reading: Alea iacta esto


changed acces to the page

Mon 7 March


presentation: Caesar (group A)

Alexander (group B)

grammar: sentences with participles

the detailled programme will be posted by Sun evening 8 pm





grammar: sentences with participles




grammar: sentences with participles






Texts, links, literature

Plutarch Biography by Lillian Feder (pdf) Plutarch's (?) portrait
  Biography by Klaus Sallmann (German) (pdf)  
life of Caesar
Alea iacta esto (pdf) Beware the Ides of March: vocab 63 (pdf)
life of Alexander


grammar & exercises relative clauses (pdf)  
  verbs with participles (pdf)